You need to know Sculptshe: The best body shaper store

Hi guys, how are you?

Today I'm here to introduce you to an international store I recently came to know, Sculptshe. The store specializes in shapewear and sportswear for women. Through their website you can find pieces of different sizes and models, so that you feel comfortable and good about yourself. In addition to a wide variety of different body shapewear collections.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram already knows that I love a good styling girdle, because they help you not only to define the body, shaping the silhouette (waist, hips and thighs), but also to maintain good posture and stay with the spine straight. Maintaining the correct posture can be awkward at first, but your spine will be protected! In other words, the benefits can be as much for your image as for your health.

● Open crotch for the easier toilet;
● Comfy enough to wear all day...and all night, if you like!
● Non-slip strips prevent rolling and falling when you move;
● Adjustable straps for dig-free comfort and fit;
● Whisper soft, “light as tights” feel so comfy you won’t want to take them off;
● Add a rubber patch near the belly part for targeted and enhanced tummy control;
● 3D full-coverage on belly, buttock, and thighs, to create ad sleek line and contour body curve.
Famous women, for example, are adept at using body shapers and are keen to show their preparation for events in which they use the piece to thin the waist and give it maximum compression, thus highlighting the body's natural curves. I'm sure you've seen this in the Kardashian/Jenner family videos on social media and wondered how to get one of them. At Sculptshe, you can have it!
The body shaping belts are also great for daily use in the postoperative and postpartum period, as they help with healing. It is recommended to use better quality stylers, made with soft, quality and well constructed fabric.

The brand's proposal is to make women feel good about the image they see when they look in the mirror and to put an end to the insecurity that makes them give up using what they like just because it is marking unwanted fat. After all, often, clothing modeling does not fit as well on our bodies as we would like, compared to what we see on social networks.

The feeling of insecurity and frustration is terrible, for this reason I'm here to indicate the best body shaper, which in addition to being easy to use and comfortable, will leave your body the way you've always wanted. That way, you'll be able to look flawless in any outfit and put an end to insane comparisons with the "ideal body".

● Natural Butt Lift
● Removable & Adjustable Straps
● Side Zipper to maintain invisibility underneath all clothing;
● Zipper on crotch available for easy bathroom use;
● Low Back so you can wear this Faja underneath backless dresses.

The Sculptshe also has something amazing called side zipper shapewear, as opposed to the commonly known one where there is a hook zipper on the front. The great benefit of Shapewear with a zipper on the side is that it is perfect to wear under clothes, as it confuses the seam of the piece and does not get visibly marked.

So, did you already know this store? Did you like the modeling belts? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Nossa eu adorei, acho que modula e deixa o corpo muito bonito, já quero pra mim

  2. Que lindos os cintos de modelagem, fica perfeito no corpo da mulher, esses cintos são uma boa opção pra quem quer ficar com a cintura bonita, ainda não conhecia a loja mas gostei bastante, bjs.

    1. Bem isso Lucimar, além de ser super prático né?! bjs

  3. Amei as dicas! Ainda não conhecia o site!
    Instagram @blogbrunavirginia
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    Beeijos (:

  4. Oi, tudo bem? Que proposta mais interessante. Acredito que ajuda a modelar bem o corpo e deixa mais bonito. Comprei uma parecida mas já tem bastante tempo. Já nem uso mais. Fiquei curiosa para experimentar esse. Um abraço, Érika =^.^=

    1. Oii Erika!
      Experimenta sim, se você já usava é mais fácil de se adaptar e esses estão um show né?!

  5. Queria eu ter essa cinturinha fina rsrs Minha mãe usa cinta modeladora, vou indicar esse site para ela.

  6. Essas cintas com alças são ótimas, eu procurei muito para comprar a 9 anos atrás quando tive a minha filha. Só encontrei as que ficam as gordurinhas saltando por cima da cinta!

    1. Realmente até algum tempo atrás era bem difícil de encontrar, ainda mais de qualidade né? bjs

  7. Eu nunca usei cintas modeladoras, mas sempre tive vontade, pra finalmente conseguir uma cinturinha bem fina. Gostei de conhecer essa loja, vou dar uma olhada lá nos produtos, quem sabe finalmente não compro uma. :)
    Beijão! ♥

    Relíquias da Lara

    1. Isso, dá uma olhadinha sim, eles tem uma variedade bem grande para todos os gostos. bjs!